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Unicon is a very high level, goal-directed,
object-oriented, general purpose applications language.

What's New?
  • Unicon Technical Report #17 documents research on a new implementation approach for Unicon.
  • Unicon Technical Report #16, documenting a benchmark suite for Unicon version 12, has recently been revised.
  • Our SourceForge hosts upgraded themselves recently; this changes where Unicon SVN repository sources are accessed. If you work from the repository, please checkout a new copy from the new location as described on our SVN instructions page.
  • The Unicon Book (2nd ed) has been updated with chapters on threads and on program execution monitoring.
  • Support for true concurrent threads is now in the sources and binary distributions. To enable in your own builds, make sure you have pthreads libraries and headers, and add #define Concurrent 1 to src/h/define.h. A Unicon TR on threads is posted on the technical reports list. Comments and bug reports are welcome.
  • A function array(i,x) works like list(), except for arrays of integers or arrays of reals, it will save a lot of space.
  • Building Unicon on Linux? You need the C/C++ compiler and libraries (e.g. on Ubuntu, install "build-essential" package). If you want graphics you'll need X11 (Xlib) development headers and libraries (e.g. on Ubuntu, install "libx11-dev"; on Fedora 22 its libX11-devel). You might want to install *-develop packages for libraries and headers that enable other optional features such as opengl, libz, libjpeg, libpng, ogg/vorbis, sdl, ftgl, and others. Unfortunately, the names of packages change over time and between distributions. If you are having trouble finding the right package, you can e-mail the unicon-group mailing list for advice. For 3D OpenGL capabilities, see also this OpenGL reference for advice on Linux (thanks Shea Newton for the pointer!).

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